Taking Inner Journeys: A New Way to Travel

Travel is the most universally sought-after pursuit of the modern age without a doubt. Have you ever wondered how life will be like without travel and the opportunity to explore other parts of the world? We can all agree that in the past we may have taken travel for granted considering our new reality. Travel gives us a sense of exploration, adventure, wonder and personal transformation. To look at something familiar and see it anew; this is the defining characteristic of a curious mind and a curious mind is a traveler, an adventurer and explorer.

As much as we love traveling with others, family and in groups, travel is more of a personal journey - a journey into uncovering and discovering more about ourselves while at the same time connecting and immersing into other, cultures, people and a variety of activities we engage in that gives us fulfillment. At Trailblazer Travelz, the core of our trips are built on this concept. The opportunity to take journeys that help us become better as individuals and finding our own way rather than getting lost among the guidebooks and bobbing throngs of fellow tourists. Read more about this on our blog post; Why Consciously Traveling to Places that would Fundamentally Reorient our Personality is Key.

Rather than engaging in activities that are hype such as gawking at museums and monuments, instead we focus on curating and and cross-pollinating between activities that help us rediscover more about ourselves, our instinctive desire to form genuine human connections and to experience a place real and unspoiled. Therefore, to experience any culture in its truest sense, we must immerse ourselves amongst real people.

As cannily stated by Alan de Botton, “all of us are involved in what could be termed ‘an inner journey’: that is we’re trying to develop in particular ways. We might be searching for how to be calm or how to find a way to rethink our goals… where we go should help us with our attempts at these steps in our psychological evolution. The outer journey should assist us with the inner one. For this to happen, we need to be clearer in our minds about both what we’re searching for inside and what the outer world could conceivably deliver for us. Every destination we might alight upon contains with it qualities…that could conceivably support one step or another on a person’s inner journey.” Here are a few tips to make all your coming trips more enriching.

Set Travel Intentions or Make a Travel Intention Statement:

Every fulfilling experience should begin with an intention statement or an intention. Hence, the saying begin with the end in mind. So whether you have your destination in mind or not, it’s a good idea to set the stage for your trip by thinking about what you want to get out of the journey. This is a powerful way to shape how you plan your trip and aligns your expectations with your travel partners. And if you traveling in a group, the group should have a general or specific theme for the trip while individually everyone can set their intentions. Ask questions such as; How do I want to feel when I return home? What would a fulfilling trip look like for me?

Travel with a Travel Journal:

Though we live in a digital age, however, there is always something therapeutic, romantic and meditative about taking a moment to jot down your thoughts while on the road. Travel journals are personal. They become time capsules of your memories, emotions, and descriptions of the places, people, and things you’ve encountered. "Journaling, I believe, is a practice that teaches us better than any other the elusive art of solitude — how to be present with our own selves, bear witness to our experience, and fully inhabit our inner lives," argued Maria Popova.

Sating Your Curiosity:

Perhaps you are fascinated with a culture, tradition, a practice, the people, cuisine, etc. We are all curious about something and the opportunity to even look at the familiar and see it anew can become one of the better memorable parts of our trips if done with an open mind.

Be Open-Minded:

Travel with an open mind, stray away from your preconceived notions, judgement and biases. Rather, allow yourself the liberty to experience new things. If you come upon something or someone wholly unimagined and intimidating because of its sheer unfamiliarity, don’t let it stop you from participating. You are there to learn and experience new things, which will ultimately expand the limits of what you think is possible. Allow yourself to experience a shift in perspective and the opportunity to learn and gain new and meaningful experience.

Come Back Changed or Being a Better Person:

Perhaps you experienced something different that gave you clarity, understanding, an awe inspiring activity, or experience you felt - whatever it is, make note of it. And jot down in your journal how this experience have had a profound effect on you or made a lasting impression on you, inspire you to action or change and how it will help and guide you do things differently compare to the past. The fact is that every trip we embark on will present to us something meaningful, memorable, awe inspiring etc., the question becomes what is this experience trying to teach me or how has it help you evolve or raise your awareness and impacted you to do things differently or get a better grasp of things?

We hope that every single trip you embark on from here on in will help make you become a better person than you were - for change is the only constant. Therefore, aspire to be better than you used to be one trip at a time. What inspires you to travel?

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